Distance Education Consultants

Whats New?

Distance Education Consultants celebrates the successful conclusion of two dozen American history projects since 1996!

The virtual classrooms are available for offline use, teacher customization, and for loading on district web sites. Contact enquiries@distanceeducationconsultants.com for more information!

Who are the Distance Education Consultants?

We are a team of people dedicated to improving education in America. We have been in business since 1996.

We are a team of developers and innovators who create novel solutions to the problems of education.

We are a team of resource builders who work with schools and school districts around the country to create powerful new educational programs.

Our Business Model

We partner with schools and school districts around the country. We work with the districts in one of two ways: we either work on a contractual basis in which we simply charge a flat fee for grantwriting services, or we can work for free up front with the understanding that the grant will use our products and services, if funded.

Programs and Services

Our products include several educational programs for use during the school day and in afterschool classes, such as "The Learning Adventure," proven to raise student learning outcomes.

Our services include professional development in technology in education, curriculum development, grant writing, and grant management skills.

Distance Education Consultants