About Us

Distance Education Consultants was founded in 1996 in response to a need for better practices using technology in education, especially in small, rural, and inner-city districts. Since 1996 we've been writing grants for these sorts of districts, which often cannot afford to write grants for themselves. Our goal was to balance the inequity between the haves and have-nots, by translating the latest theroetical advances into pragmatic solutions. We've been on the front edge of technology for eight years now -- we were one of the first companies to use Virtual Reality and online learning in actual K-12 classroom settings.

The CEO of the company, Ms. Carol A. Kerney, is the only grantwriter in the country who has won two Technology Innovation Challenge Grants -- The Triton Project (http://projects.edtech.sandi.net) and The Borderlink Project (www.borderlink.org).  She is one of the most successful grantwriters in education, who has directly brought in $18 million dollars to education, and has assisted school districts in raising over $60 million.

We have a competent group of grantwriters on staff, each of whom have individually won close to one million dollars in grants for our school district partners.


In 1998, the federal government awarded the company a small business incentive research (SBIR) grant to research, develop and implement a new approach to education, involving the integration of high-technology, online, 3D classrooms, with face-to-face instruction. The program was called History Adventure, now called Learning Adventure as it moves into multi-subject instruction. Unlike most electronic learning, which merely sits a student in front of a computer and says, "Go, learn!", our approach tied together the real-life instructor with the learning going on inside of the online classroom. Our preliminary results were very promising, so the federal government awarded us another grant to further our research. The results were promising, and very exciting. Please see the Results page for more informaion on our research.

Recently, we have been working with school districts all over the nation, from Alaska to California to New York, writing grants to implement this program at as many sites as we can. We have written grants for after school programs, American History professional development, research grants to further develop the program, and for technology development in education. In keeping with our original goal of helping poor, rural, and inner-city districts with funding, we also branched out to provide grantwriting services for districts who do not have a grantwriter on staff. The Grantwriting section provides more information on this topic, and the Solutions page shows ways we have worked with districts in the past.

Distance Education Consultants