Grantwriting Services

We provide grantwriting services to any district, school, or organization for nearly any sort of grant. Our team of grantwriters have experience working with grants from a wide variety of fields and sources, including defense, private foundations, university research, and independent consulting -- but our emphasis is on federal and statewide educational grants for independent school districts.

Districts contract us for grantwriting services in one of two ways: one, by paying a fixed sum of money for the time and expenses of our team, with the price proportional to the amount of time it takes to write the grant, or two, if the district is interested in one of our educational solutions, by utilizing us in part of the grant. We have a variety of ways we can work with a district; the Solutions page has more information about what we can do. If we are included in a grant, we will generally write it for free.

Most districts we have worked with choose the second route, since it ultimately is a win/win situation for the district. If the grant does not fund, the district does not lose anything; if it does fund, not only does the district win the grant, they also get the benefit of our experience in implementing grants. Ultimately, DEC assumes the risk for the grantwriting. We successfully fund enough grants, though, that we've been around for eight years and counting.

We have developed a tool, called GrantTutor, to help districts develop grants:
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