Mull-IT: A web hosting site for history teachers

Mull-IT is a web hosting site for history teachers. By giving teachers a common place to put their files, they can publish web pages without having to pay for web space, and share their work with their peers and students.

Mull-IT's name comes from a conjunction of "Mull" (i.e. to think) and "IT" (Information Technology, or, alternatively, to think about "IT"). Any resemblance of the name to a hair style is purely coincidental, and says nothing about our sense of humor.

The "Sample Museum" template is available for teachers who are interested in creating a virtual reality museum as their website. Directions on how to do this are included in the Work Binder under "Creating a Virtual Museum".

In order to upload files to Mull-IT, you must get a username and password from your project director.
Sample Museum
"Mini-Museum Template
(Click here to download)

Teacher-Created Web Pages and Museums

Slavery In South Carolina
Foundations of Democracy
World War I Museum
Prohibition Museum
Berlin Wall Museum
Native American Museum
Great Depression Museum
African Slaves Museum
Railroad Museum
Child Labor Museum
SC and the American Revolution
Civil Rights Movement Museum
Civil Rights Museum
WWII and Beyond
Journey to Freedom Museum
SC & Revolutionary War

If you wish to upload a museum to the server, get a username and password from
your project director, and then go to "My Computer" on your desktop. Copy the following hyperllink: here (you can copy a hyperlink by right-clicking on it and hitting "copy") and then go into the address bar on your My Computer window and paste it in. That window then connects to the Mull-IT file server, but works just like a folder on your local machine. You can drag your folder for your web page into it, and then it should automatically appear on the Mull-IT site!

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